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by David Week

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  • Zach


    Enjoying your entries. Lots of food for thought – i appreciate your perspective on architecture and development and the ‘role’ of the interantional community. Read ‘Dead Aid’ if you want to see how the aid mentality and approach has basically ruined a lot of African countries over the last 50 years.


    • Thanks Zach. Just in the final rush to leave for Eritrea: my first time there. Should have more time to reply in a few weeks. Best, David

  • Au_rora

    Hi David, I’m an International Affairs undergrad student concentrating in development. I’ve always wanted to be an architect, but I found myself drawn to the concept of development and away from the superficial aspects of architecture. After a year of studying International Affairs I find myself with architecture constantly on my mind. Reading through your blog has shown me a different side of architecture and has been a motivating factor for me to change my major to architecture, not to create fancy skyscrapers but to further my interests in development and  sustainable urban planning. I just wanted to thank you for your interesting and refreshing approach of this career. 

    • Thanks Aurora. I’m talking to my tech guy, about setting up a community section to this site, so people like yourself can communicate with each other directly. Stay tuned.