New Designs for the Comprehensive High School

by David Week on 08 December 2010

The paper below completely transformed my understanding of education. Like architecture, education is one of those professions that seems anchored by the “weight of history.” The paper describes a Federally-funded US re-design of the high school, which attempts to remove that weight, and shift the high school from the 19th C. to the 21st. Let me […]

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Five principles of lean building design

by David Week on 28 September 2010

This is a short paper which has been presented in a number of contexts. It started life at the RAIA National Housing Convention, Adelaide 2001 as “Thinking Lean”. This was republished in the South Australian Architect in February 2002. Finally, in 2007 I used it as the basis for a presentation at the Teaching in Architecture Conference, Donau-Universität Krems, […]


A beautiful country

by David Week 17 August 2010

Every profession has its ups and downs, its highs and lows. Sometimes the highs are both metaphoric, and literal: like the day I was asked to a accompany a team to inspect potential school construction sites in Lesotho. The helicopter allows them to do in a day what would take 10 days by road and […]

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About “Architecture for Development”

by David Week 27 April 2010

Why this blog Below, I’ve pasted my professional “about” blurb from my CV, written in some version of bureaucratese. It serves as a potted history of my professional life, and provides some insight, I guess, into my professional persona. But I’m not blogging to further my professional career, which is doing just fine. Here are […]

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