How to finance your civil society organisation

by David Week 7 October 2010

How Matters has published an important list of resources, that answer this question: Waiting for Pennies from Heaven A few select quotes: The web of local civil society organizations and grassroots initiatives around the world is still largely undocumented and unrecognized. has registered over 110,000 local organizations and movements working on a wide variety […]

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What Tolstoy said to the development worker

by David Week 6 October 2010

Games people play I find two there are two types of commentary on development which I find really push some kind of button with me. Ain’t It Awful The first is “the world is a mess, and it’s only getting worse, and nothing we’re doing is really going to fix it.” In 1964, the psychologist […]

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Five principles of lean building design

by David Week 28 September 2010

This is a short paper which has been presented in a number of contexts. It started life at the RAIA National Housing Convention, Adelaide 2001 as “Thinking Lean”. This was republished in the South Australian Architect in February 2002. Finally, in 2007 I used it as the basis for a presentation at the Teaching in Architecture Conference, Donau-Universität Krems, […]

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What development teaches you about architecture

by David Week 20 September 2010

I recently registered for a new initiative of The Guardian newspaper concerning global development. (Thanks to Craig Zeliger of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network for alerting me to this.) In introducing myself on this site, I felt like saying something about how development has changed the way I understand my profession. I think this is […]

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The power of co-investment

by David Week 18 September 2010

Sharing the load Recently, I was advising a client who had the following problem: Four years ago, they had agreed to fund a project to the amount of USD1.0m. Now, for a variety of reasons, the cost at the commencement of implementation had increased to $1.6m. The question they asked me was: should they provide […]

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Accountable design—Part 2: Tracing accountability

by David Week 12 September 2010

Maps of accountability In my first post on “accountable design”, I put forward the key question: “cui bono”… who benefits from the design? Of course the question of accountability is not new in Western civilisation. It’s as old as… well… accounting. But over time, the accountability question has slipped further into the future. The earliest […]

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The real engine of development

by David Week 7 August 2010

I was listening this morning to an ABC Radio National program on the great Indonesian poet Rendra. He spoke in many ways about development. A little scrabbling around on the Internet found these lines: Hiburan kota besar dalam semalam Sama dengan biaya pembangunan sepuluh desa! Peradaban apakah yang kita pertahankan? The night life of one […]

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Business models for NGOs

by David Week 23 July 2010

NGOs are businesses Many people starting NGOs think that NGOs are not businesses, and therefore they don’t have to be run like a business. But every organisation has the same basic challenge: in order to do things, it needs resources. Those resources can take different forms. In NGOs, they are commonly: volunteer time; in-kind contributions; cash […]

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About “Architecture for Development”

by David Week 27 April 2010

Why this blog Below, I’ve pasted my professional “about” blurb from my CV, written in some version of bureaucratese. It serves as a potted history of my professional life, and provides some insight, I guess, into my professional persona. But I’m not blogging to further my professional career, which is doing just fine. Here are […]

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