Physical Planning

A question of clearance

by David Week on 28 April 2011

Social distance Every culture has its own sense of space. This was elucidated most clearly by the anthropologist Edward T. Hall in his book The Hidden Dimension. He also coined the term “proxemics”. According to Hall, we each have a sense of how much distance is comfortable between ourselves and another person. If the other persons get […]


The river of urbanisation

by David Week on 06 February 2011

I met all day yesterday with my colleagues/friends from the NGO startup CoDesign. In among the to-and-fro on agenda items, the following thesis was floated and briefly discussed: By making rural life better, can we stem/slow the drift of people into urban slums? My answer is: no, not in any way that matters. The importance of rural […]


About “Architecture for Development”

by David Week 27 April 2010

Why this blog Below, I’ve pasted my professional “about” blurb from my CV, written in some version of bureaucratese. It serves as a potted history of my professional life, and provides some insight, I guess, into my professional persona. But I’m not blogging to further my professional career, which is doing just fine. Here are […]

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