The Valparaiso Workshop on Economic Solidarity

by David Week on 15 June 2014


Please pass this on if you colleagues or friends who may be interested:

On Saturday 21st June, I’ll be in Valparaiso, at a one day seminar organised by Michael Bier of DUC.

If you’re interested in attending, please drop me a line at


Originally, the topic of the workshop was how new ideas of social production could help eliminate the chasm between the classes in the highly stratified Chilean society.

Since we started planning the workshop, however, the fires swept through Valparaiso, wreaking havoc on the poorest residents. We expect that naturally the discourse will turn ask further: how might these ideas shape the reconstruction process?


Invited, but not yet confirmed:


There will be two sessions:

  • a public session in the morning, consisting of short talks, plus Q&A
  • a more limited seminar in the afternoon.


It is our intention to publish transcripts of both sessions.


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