Finding a job in development

by David Week on 13 September 2010


I’m planning to write a series of posts about building a career as an architect in development. That’s in the pipeline. In the mean time, I thought I would post a set of sites where you can find jobs in development.

Saundra over at Good Intentions Are Not Enough is putting together a comprehensive list of places to look. I’ll post a link to her page once she’s published it. Until then, here are the links I’ve sent to her for inclusion:


Alana Shaikh runs a low-cost ($2 per month) Development Careers list, here:

She says:

I talk — in detail — about careers in international development. Includes reader advice, candid discussions of job vacancies, and my uncensored opinions about just about everything. Publishes at least once a week. New subscribers now receive the “Questions, Answers, and Extraneous Rants, Volume II” ebook, containing the most recent newsletters. If you want to pay via paypal instead of amazon, buy the ebook instead of subscribing, or have questions about the list, drop me an email:

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